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Under the long-term planning and policy review of the Government of Bangladesh, the strategies adopted by developed countries and knowledge gathering and its sharing among local stakeholders, joint ventures at G-to-G and G-to-B levels and increasing sustainable foreign direct investment, familiarization with modern technology and Various plans have been made to brand the maritime sector at the international level.
An international common platform is needed in Bangladesh to highlight the activities of the related organizations of the Ministry of Shipping to investors, technology suppliers, port and maritime authorities, ship owners, private port operators from different countries of the world.
In order to provide that support to the maritime related public and private institutions of Bangladesh, the initiative of ExpoNet Exhibition and Marine House has been taken to organize a 3-day international technology exhibition and trade conference on marine technology.
Our main goal is to attract the world's reputed maritime stakeholders to Bangladesh, open the door to negotiations for public-private organizations in international agreements and assist in the execution of agreements, increase investment competition and strengthen maritime diplomatic relations with various countries.
Ministry of Shipping, Government of Bangladesh is conducting and monitoring all the activities as the lead agency to make this initiative successful.
Consequently, the Ministry of Shipping and its 12 related departments are involved in the sector - Shipbuilders and Shipyards, Shipowners and Ship Agents, Ship Recycling, Designers, Port Operators, C&F, Maritime Academies, Seafarer Recruitment Agencies, Launch and Coastal Ship, Import and Export. Private enterprises including exporters will be more profitable and sustainable